A Step By Step System to Making
 5 Figures a Month Using Amazon FBA 

Learn how to use the power of Amazon FBA program to build a full time income in as little as 90 days working online from home or anywhere in the world

Use the Worlds Biggest Marketplace to Sell for you 24/7/365

If you're looking for a safe, proven and exciting way to make money online then you're in the right place.

Since 2014 we've been selling products on Amazon and it's given us not only a 6 figure income but also a great deal of freedom and time to spend with our children. It certainly wasn't always that way though in some of our other business ventures...

We started off back in the early 2000's selling products on eBay like Handbags and did really well with that and more recently ended up becoming an official distributor for a highly successful eco watch brand in the UK.

The trouble is that often meant travelling all over the country for appointments and having to attend huge trade shows every few months which took us away from our family - quite the opposite of the way we wanted our lives.

It was then we discovered pretty much by accident that you could list and sell items on Amazon. Up until that point we assumed everything on Amazon was sold by Amazon themselves - we had no idea anyone could list and sell items there.

The first products we sold were jacuzzi air filters of all things and we were making some serious money every day which took us both by surprise but lit a fire under us so we looked into the business model more.

Eventually after a lot of research and hard work, we figured out how to build a highly profitable business using Amazon and the model is really simple - buy products online from one Website cheap, then sell them on Amazon for a higher price to earn a nice profit.

The best part is once you send your products to Amazon and then list them for sale, they do the selling and they do it VERY well. They even store the products and ship them out to the customer every time a purchase is made.

What is Amazon FBA?
This is an incredible service offered by Amazon and FBA stands for 'Fulfilment By Amazon'.

Simply send Amazon your products, and they take care of storage, delivery to customers, customer service and returns handling.

The Simple Model of 'Online Arbitrage'

Arbitrage means the buying and selling of products in different markets in order to take advantage of differing prices for the same product. In our case we are simply finding products for cheap online from major UK retailers and then selling them for more on Amazon!


First we find products online from major retailers on sale or part of 3 for 2 deals etc.


We buy them and then ship them to Amazons Warehouse using their discounted shipping service.


We get the products listed on Amazon as a buying option under already listed products!


We sell them on Amazon for at least a 30% profit sometimes even as much as 100%!

A 6 Week Course to Amazon FBA Success

With this powerful 6 week course you will learn exactly how to set up and run a successful business selling products on Amazon working the hours you want from where you want.


Get Set Up

In the first week we brief you on the FBA program and get your company and bank account all set up for Amazon payouts.


Selling Strategy

Now we will tell you the best types of products and categories to sell in and fill you in on the products we recommend you don't buy too!


Source Products

This is where we teach you how to hunt for the perfect products to purchase, ready to sell for a profit on Amazon.



Now you have your products it's time to get them prepared in the way Amazon require them and get them shipped to their FBA centre.


List Your Products

Once your products are with Amazon in their FBA centre, it's time to get them listed live on the site ready to be sold. 


Outsource & Scale Up

If you want to grow your business then week 6 is for you as you can use freelance pay as you go staff to do most of the work for you!

A Step By Step System to Making Money with Amazon FBA

We created a total system to going from knowing nothing about selling on Amazon or running a business to becoming a successful seller earning up to 5 figures a month.


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Is this Course Right for You?

Our course teaches you how to buy products cheaply online and sell them for a profit on Amazon
but let's talk about who this is for...


  • You want to earn some extra money without having to spend too much time

  • You are interested in building a solid 6 figure business you would enjoy running

  • You want to get out of your 9 - 5 job and start working for yourself from home

  • You're willing to learn new skills and take action


  • People who are looking for a get rich quick scheme with zero work or effort required

  • Who expect to the course to magically make them money while they don't do apply what has been taught

  • Are happy to stay exactly as they are not build up a fantastic income working part time hours

Webinar Only Bonuses!

If you've watched the Webinar presentation, you have access to all the bonuses below but only
 if you order before the timer runs out!


Easy FBA Calculator (£120 P/A VALUE)

Ensure all of your buying decisions are sound with our valuable Google Chrome Extension that works out your exact profit in seconds.

Profit Tracker Sheet (£250 VALUE)

Track all of you purchases, profits and sources and keep all of this vital information in one easy to reference place online!

List of Sourcing Sites (£1000 VALUE)

One of the hardest areas to get started in OA is knowing where to source yours goods.  This list will provide you with the valuable and profitable sites where you can source your goods from on a regular basis!

Bonus Software Training Module (£500 VALUE)

We will show you how to effectively utilise the latest and most advanced software to give you the edge over your selling competition!

Bonus Outsourcing Module (£500 VALUE)

Once you have set up your Amazon business, the next stage will be to automate the business.  This module will show you a step by step on how to successfully outsource your Amazon Arbitrage Business!

Facebook Support Group (£1200 VALUE)

We don't want you to feel like you are on your own doing this course, so we offer lifetime access to our active support group to help you along.


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Natalie and Matt's course is crazy practical. For those just starting, you're very lucky to have all this information right at your fingertips, without having to search and search and not find any answers. I can tell from the course content, it's only going to get better. Thank you guys for creating such a thorough course!

Noha Shohayeb , Amazon Seller

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